Friday, November 18, 2011

The Mystery of The Capricorn Male

I have only come across 3 Capricorn men in my life, that includes colleagues and friends and family.
I just never seem to bump paths with one. Capricorn women, I definitely have.

The funny thing I find with Capricorn men, is their mystery and their love of being mysterious! As a Gemini, I have a natural curiosity and innate desire to probe, which makes them purposefully clam up. But I don't find this to be in a negative "leave me alone" way, but in a way that they enjoy the fact that you don't know what they are up to (which may be nothing but rarely appears to be!).

I also find them to be very intelligent, really evolved and intuitive, I think that is what draws me to them. I don't find them arrogant or self-righteous with it, so it's more fascination with picking their brains over matters that I am keen to know more about.

There's also a real sentimentality to Capricorn men, I feel a real emotion bubbling under. Capricorn's are notorious for their seriousness and emotions being within and although I felt that with all of the Cappy men I met, I also found them quite sensitive when they trusted you, to open up. They really are serious but knowledgeable and loyal and it seems, could be quite easily hurt. This could of course relate to their Venus sign too.

I wouldn't cross a Capricorn man though, NO WAY. Nor a Capricorn woman either for that matter. My best female friends are both Capricorn (more on females later though) and one of the Capricorn men is like a dad-friend to me. I've seen what happens to the people who cross them, it's nasty. It's not words, it's actions. Sweet revenge, but all in good, steady, well-thought out time. And they are not huge forgivers either in my experience. I've seen people really cut out of their lives. It takes a long while for it to reach that point; they seem to take a lot, forget small things but then it boils up and once they've said goodbye, you wont be looked at by them again.

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